šŸ”“ Coffin Brush Holder/Blemished

These brush holders have 1 or 2 small cosmetic blemishes which did not meet our quality standards. There is nothing wrong with the functionality of the product.Ā 

Brush Holders have been retouched with a fresh coat of paint and lacquer.

Coffin Brush Holder isĀ handmadeĀ fromĀ durable and high quality wood, featuresĀ 4 compartments for storingĀ an impressiveĀ amount of makeup brushesĀ and other cosmetics while only taking 12" of your vanity space.Ā Finished in classic black withĀ a beautiful oxblood velvet on the bottom with our logo branded right in the centerĀ which adds a undeniable touch ofĀ luxury, and elegance.Ā Fits 40-60 makeup brushes depending on their size. Dimensions:Ā 12" wide and 6" tall at the highest point with a 3 1/2" wide base. Compartments are 1 1/2" wide and range from 3"-5" inĀ depth (due toĀ the coffin shape).

šŸ”“Ā Red dot items were either used for photography, blemished during production, or served as a prototype. Minor scuffs, air bubbles, or other cosmetic imperfections are factored into the price, photographed, and described in the listing. Please review the listing carefully.

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