Coffin Fruit Board - Green Resin - WALNUT

Our 'one-off' collection consists of one-of-a-kind Cutting Boards, Fruit Boards, Charcuterie boards, and more, all made from Exotic woods and feature Spooky Resin accents. Every board is handmade in-house, is 100% food-safe, and unique! No two boards are the same.

Don't miss out on this spooky Coffin Fruit Board

Here are the details:

  • Wood: Black Walnut
  • Resin/Accents: Green Resin accent in natural knot of wood
  • Dimensions: 13" x 8" / .85" thick

*Please note that our Coffin Fruit Boards are SMALLER than our Coffin Cutting Boards

Our boards are soaked in food-grade mineral oil for 20 minutes to ensure 100% saturation. The wood and resin are 'hard' materials and hold up well to chopping/cutting. These materials are not impervious to scores from blades but will hold up just as well as any hardwood cutting board. Our boards are 100% food safe. The resin, pigment, and oils used are non-toxic, vegan and FDA approved.

*due to the handmade nature of this product, some air bubbles and cosmetic inconsistencies may be present, which is normal and not considered a "defect". Boards are branded on the back with our coffin "makers-mark".

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