GREEN Skanking Tramp Vinyl Sticker 4"

Inspired by band artwork from Ron's youth The Skanking Tramp features a Skanking Skeleton rocking Ron's signature style with his slicked back hair, pumas and accessorized with his favorite EDC tools; our best-selling Pencil Pushera three-finger knuck and a sap in his back pocket. This design is full of fun details, pays tribute to punk rock and ska bands of our youth and brings some personality to the quickly growing brand.

Our Stickers are durable, weather proof, scratch resistant and even dishwasher safe! Made from thick crack-resistant vinyl designed to withstand exposure to wind, rain, snow and sun. These stickers are perfect to personalize a cup, mug, your car, favorite electronics and more!

Dimensions: 2.73" x 4"

Sold individually. Artwork by @rachael_lugosi