GOTHICAT Cat Catnip Toy

GOTHICAT Catnip Toys are Handmade from 100% Cotton Print Fabric. Toys are double-sided with alternating prints on each side.  The inside in lined in Orange Cotton. Toys have a hook and loop seal at the bottom so you can refresh Catnip!

Toys can be hand-washed. 

 CAT: Half Catnip, half Noisemaker. Toys ears crinkle with a bell tied around it's neck. Lower half of Toy has a Felt tail, and can be filled with loose Catnip. Toy has a hook and loop seal at bottom for sealing. Hand-wash as needed. 

 PLEASE NOTE: Some Countries will not allow importing of plant-based materials. Each customer outside of the United States is responsible for knowing your Countries importation laws. Life After Death Designs will not be responsible for undelivered items because of failure to comply with these importation laws. In the event of a return due to do this, shipping costs are NON-REFUNDABLE. 


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