Hand of Glory Patch/Sticker Pack 4”


Pack includes:

•1x Embroidered Patch 4” long and has a hooked back 

•1x Vinyl Sticker is 4” water/weather proof/dishwasher safe

The Hand of Glory is the severed, pickled hand of a hanged man, also known as "the hand that did the deed". It has often been linked to the world of criminal mythology and has been known to have supernatural powers. Traditionally, a Hand of Glory was the “pickled” left hand of a felon, cut off while the body still hung from the gallows. It was used by burglars to send sleeping victims into a coma from which they were unable to wake. All five fingers of an outstretched hand were lit and if one of the fingers did not light, the burglars saw it as a sign that someone in the home was still awake. The Pencil through the hand represents this criminal's conflict with his physical abilities in life. Powers are now awarded to the hand in death.

Artwork by Rachael Flynn