Nocturnus Shower Curtain - MISPRINT

Here at Life After Death Designs, we take pride in the quality of our products. Occasionally, our products may have flaws that don't quite meet our high standards but otherwise function as intended. This may be the result of shipping/warehouse damage or a cosmetic imperfection that occurred in production. Either way, it's a great opportunity to snag out-of-stock products at a discount!


Due to a printing issue, the colors were not exact and, therefore, did not meet our quality standards. Please see side by side pictures of our original Nocturnus shower curtain next to the misprint. The misprints are warmer, and do not show any of the blue hues. Curtains also do not come with hooks.

Shower Curtains are made from an Oxford Polyester material that is 100% waterproof while looking and feeling just like linen! Oxford Polyester is waterproof, durable, easy to clean, and is soft and smooth to the touch. The tops are reinforced with 12 metal grommets and the side and bottom hems are weighted to ensure everything stays flat. 

Dimensions: 72" x 72"

NOCTURNUS is inspired by Victorian Floral wallpaper and is re-imagined with spooky bats, spiderwebs, and death head moths amidst lavish purple flower arrangements. This design is the perfect combination of classic Victorian design and Gothic aesthetic.

Actual color may vary. Due to computer monitors (or devices) displaying colors differently; actual color may vary slightly from your monitor or device

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