About us

We formed Life After Death Designs in 2015, and we've been serving up the widest variety of cool coffin-shaped-decor and other spooky delights ever since! Born from the love we have for creating functional-art together, Life After Death Designs is where you can find home decor that evokes a sense of nostalgia, reminding you of Halloween seasons past. Our deep love for anything horror and macabre is the inspiration behind everything we create. It's is our hope you feel this throughout your shopping experience. 

Artists in our own right, Ronnie, a talented welder fabricator and I (Rachael), a special-effects makeup artist (FrankenFX) working as an esthetician grew tired of being undervalued and overworked. What started as a hobby, crafting coffin-shaped wooden keepsake boxes and curio shelves quickly turned into a side business and then grew into a full-time e-commerce business on Etsy. Within a year of starting Life After Death Designs, we gained over 20k followers on Instagram. Our products went viral on social media and were featured in various digital media publications. Who knew Ronnie's talent for wood-working, my social media skills, and our collective design prowess would become a business that would sustain us for this long!

As we head into our 4th year, we have huge goals: transitioning from our Etsy shop and going fully independent and expanding our product line on a much larger scale to customers worldwide. So, be sure to follow us along our new Journey. Sign up for our newsletter to get weekly updates sent straight to your inbox, and follow Life After Death Designs on social media to be a part of the family!
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